Historic town of Klisoura

Klisoura town is located in the east part of the prefecture, 32 km from Kastoria. It is a traditional, picturesque village with dense forests. A walk along the verdurous paths of the village will reveal you crystal clear waters, churches and unique natural beauties.
Klisoura is a place of unique religious monuments, like the Holy monastery of Panagia of the 15th century, the churches of Saint Demetrios, Saint Nikolas, Saint Athanasios and Prophet Elia. It is worth visiting the Ethnological Folklore Museum of Klisoura. It exhibits historic heirlooms and pictures of great importance.

History of Klisoura
The famous Vlach village of Kleisoura is built in a semi-circular fashion on the steep slope of the Mt. Mouroukio, at the top of the passage used by trade caravans and at an altitude of 1183m. During the Turkish occupation, it used to be a significant trading centre and had a population of 5000 people. Large, two-floor houses, brilliant churches and a big library (destroyed by fire in 1866) were signs of the city's great economic and social prosperity. Today, there is hardly any evidence of this as the city suffered two major disasters; the first one on November 2nd 1912 by the Turks and the second one on April 5th, 1944 by the Germans.Then the Germans executed 270 citizens of Klisoura. In their vast majority they were women and children.





Natural Beauty
At a two kilometre distance there is the famous monastery of the Virgin Mary,which is dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin and has a wonderful gold-plated, carved wood iconostasis that beauti≠fully illustrates the harmony of the woodcarving art. In Kleisoura, there are pathways ideal for a country walk to the surrounding peaks of the Mt. Vitsi and lovely walks to Nympheo and Vlasti through great beech forests that constitute a natural habitat for the bear.

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