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Among the products of each region, there are some that... make history! Feta Klisouras is a traditional Greek white cheese that was created by people with great love and pride about their products in the historic town of Klisoura in Macedonia, Greece. Till now, these people are determined to continue their family tradition and offer to the public an excellent feta with great quality.
Traditional Feta Klisouras is made of sheep and goat cheese. Its distinctive taste and top quality made our feta well known among other products. Our experience and knowledge of more than 50 years in the field of cheese-making products certifies the highest quality, the care, the support and spread of our traditional products not only in Greece but in other countries too. Through constant development and wide use of modern techniques, but preserving our domestic values that make our feta well famous, we proceed to the next level.
A modern industrial production unit adopted the new European and International processing and production demands - HACCP, En ISO 9002, CE. These certifications ensure that the products certified are quality and safety guaranteed, from the first production stage until the final positioning on the shelves.
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Do yhou know: that Stef. Patsikas & Co O.B.E. has an experience of more than 50 years in the production of white cheese !

Interesting: More than 100 recipes of the Greek traditional cuisine use as an ingredient, feta cheese. Browse our website to find some

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